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Chinese hotels

Chinese hotels

Top ten backpackers' favorite hotels in China (3)

Laomofang Hostel

Lijiang is a romantic ancient city and the Laomofang Hostel adds to the wonderful atmosphere.

Laomofang is located beside a brook, whose source is the melted snow from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. The landscape is so clear that your visit will refresh your senses. Another feature of this hostel is a big old phoenix tree. When in season, the tree will blossom full of flowers, creating a beautiful sight.

Near the gate, there is a pavilion where guests can chat and taste some green tea. If it rains, people also enjoy the other face of beautiful Lijiang. With the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof, the scenery comes alive and green.

Address: No. 64, Baisuifang, Dayanzhen, Lijiang City
Tel: 0888-5103244

1) Free Internet is available.
2) The kitchen here well equipped, so guest can make their own meals.

Danbadanba Lodge

Danba is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the world. It's so stunning that visitors be amazed seeing such fantastic views. This is why four backpackers, originally strangers ,became the co-owners of Danbadanba.

The decoration of this hostel is unique, using photography as the theme. All the photos are about Danba, from pictures of local people to the famous sights, so guests can get a preview of what they will encounter on their visit.

Address: Suoduan Bridge Zhanggu Town, Danba County, Sichuan Province
Tel: 0836-3521075

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Wang Gu Cheng Restaurant

"Wang Gu Cheng" means visitors can get a bird's eye-view of the whole old town. So it's not surprising this place is so popular among travelers.

But as the hostel is located on a hill, guests need to climb about five minutes to get there. But after a night's sleep, they will wake up to find a stunning scenery of the snow on the mountains and feel every effort to get there is worthwhile.

Address: No. 64, Huangshan Shangduan, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province.
Tel: 08885106180

Tips: This lodge is very busy during weekends and holidays, so it's a good idea to make reservations ahead of time

Wangjianglou Hostel

If you walk the streets of Yangshuo, you may be confused because you might not know where you are. Every where you look, the scenery is so gorgeous and imaginary that you may think you're day-dreaming. Situated in such a fantasy place, Wangjianglou will make your dreams of enjoyment and relaxation come true.
There are only 11 guest rooms which are small but sweet. Every one has a private telephone number and for your convenience, the hostel also has free bicycles for you to use to tour around.
Address: No. 15, Bangjiang Road,Yangshuo County, Guilin, Guangxi Province
Tel: 0773-8829676


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