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Chinese hotels

Chinese hotels

Top ten backpackers' favorite hotels in China (2)

Wuyuan Lao Wu

With a history of more than 180 years, this place is famous for its engraved decoration. From the gilded tablet with chinese characters .to the exhibits, this hostel reveals the cultural background of its sophisticated host.

Located in a beautiful village called Wuyuan, this lodge features some charming scenery. The best place of this hostel is the Xiulou villa in the backyard. Staying in the Xiulou feels like you are living in a gorgeous ancient mansion where the traditional style is full of culture.

Address: Xiaoqi Village, Jiangwan Town, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province
Tel: 0793-7297402

Ju Shan Tang

As the best-preserved ancient building in Hong Village, Ju Shang Tang is worth a tour if you don't spend the night here. With a clear stream flowing across its gate, Ju Shang Tang becomes an attractive and mysterious place to visit.

Inside the hostel, the wooden beds and engraved antiques add to the historical charm of the place. Outside the lodge, fancy pavilions and classical rock gardens also dazzle your eyes and instantly draw you back to ancient times.

Address: No.6, Cunshangshuiba, Hong Village,Yi County, Anhui Province
Tel: 0559-5541218

Duoduo Hostel

Though it's named as a hostel, Duoduo is much more like a community center where people can read books and enjoy music. Located beside Lugu Lake, everything inside Duoduo seems simple and natural.

It is said that there are only two kinds of music heard in Duoduo Hostel. One is good, the other is better. But in reality, no matter what kind of music is played, the atmosphere in the hostel creates soothing sounds to stimulate your mood. Music and the lodge are fused together.

The books in the library are available for you to read and relax your mind.

Address: Yongningxianglige Village, Ninglang, Yunnan Province
Tel: 0888-5881026

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MCA Hotel

In Dali, a city full of minorities, it's a surprise to find a Western-style hotel. When entering the courtyard, you may be shocked to see so many foreigners swimming in a big pool. All is so enjoyable and relaxing.

At MCA, guests can enjoy coffee and authentic Western cakes. Every weekend there's a grand party that includes a buffet and barbecue.

Last but not least, if you are an art-lover, you should check out the Arts Center in MCA. The Painting Studio inside the center is equipped with art materials for you to dabble with should you be inspired by your visit.

Address: Zhong duan, Wenxian Road, Dali Ancient Town, Dali, Yuanan Province
Tel: 0872-2673666



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